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Took our car in to Alexander Autos because we had a problem with the air conditioning. The fault was quickly diagnosed and a new part ordered and replaced the next day. The bill was very reasonable too for a professional and courteous service We will certainly use them again in the future.
Thanks very much ?
Date of Posting: 25 June 2018
Posted By: Wheeler
BMW 330D M Sport
I would like to say a massive thank you to Alexander Autos, really lovely service and professionalism. My Mini now drives like a dream so thank you very much. Highly recommend.
Date of Posting: 28 May 2017
Posted By: Lucy
BMW Mini
Its not very often I offer to give feedback as it takes service excellence for me to do, Terry and Andy are the exception. Now I'm no mechanic but ive used a fair few over the years and like many people I speak to you get a very mixed bag. So when i stumbled across them having purchased my piece of summer fun I had fairly low expectations.

Firstly I can confirm they both know how to meet and greet, my car might be 18 years old and not worth £10's of thousands but my money is the same as anyone else's, and they were interested in my 'brief'' and listened to what I was saying, I know that because I received a comprehensive list back detailing a health check acknowledging my requests. I gave them a license to do the work at their convenience over a 2 week period being a second car and I called in a few times at no point was I made to feel I was in the way yet very often it was them greeting me whilst working, I'm a working man and know this isn't always easy if your in the middle of something especially of a mechanical nature.

With the work complete I have had the car for a few weeks now and I can confirm these guys do exactly what it says on the invoice! It wasnt all plain sailing my car is an oldy but what was explained was completely fair enough, 95% of the jobs were done the 5% was an issue with the folding roof which was a part fix therefore considerably better than it was. The car feels a lot more sound and more the driving machine it once was therefore I can only assume there workmanship is of a high quality which given their service levels came as no follows in my eyes.

If you have a BMW and you live in Portsmouth or the surrounding area you'd be very hard pressed to find a better service or value.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2015
Posted By: Dan Purkiss
BMW 328I Convertible

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